A Friend Appointed To Be A Top? Here’s How To Respond

A Friend Appointed To Be A Top? Here’s How To Respond

When entering a company and starting work, of course every employee wants a brilliant career ladder in the future. Whether it’s a raise or a promotion. After many years of working and enjoying the work you live in, in fact there has been no news about the future of careers even though you are currently considered a fairly experienced employee. asuransi pendidikan

But one day, the boss gives an announcement either through email or through a large meeting if one of your colleagues are promoted to become leader (manager). Friends who may have had the same beginnings as you are now appointed boss. Surely almost everyone has experienced this.

Changes in positions or positions can indeed cause turmoil in the office environment and of course cause a strange feeling inside. Then how to react? While you have to be professional in the office. Maybe the tips below can help you respond to colleagues who rose into a position of superior.

1. Try Eliminating Jealousy

One of the things that might be immediately thought of when a colleague becomes a boss is a feeling of jealousy. Jealousy will automatically appear when you see friends who were both fighting from zero is now appointed to your boss. even if you are not interested in the position, but of course there is a sense of weight that comes from the heart.

But instead of thinking jealousy, why not make it as a motivation. You can imitate the work of your friends so that he gets promoted positions. Jealousy is a natural reaction, but still have to control themselves. Do not let the desire to menjegal co-workers themselves.

2. Know If A Relationship Will Be Changed

Some people feel that friendships will end when colleagues become bosses, especially if the co-worker is a friend and friend who both spend a lot of hard and happy together. Surely such feelings will emerge from within you.

What you need to know is that relationships or relationships will certainly change, but that does not mean if the friendship is formed will be destroyed just like that. Keep each other professional and respect each other even if friends have become boss. Even this attitude needs to be implanted to anyone in the office.

3. Keeping Distance While At Work

Although close friends though, when a friend becomes superior try to keep a distance while in the office. Do not because a friend is a boss, you can act casually even assume relaxed every job. Surely this would be unfairly felt for other co-workers. Throw away thinking if everything feels easier when a boss is a friend of his own. You should still look at your friends as superiors while in the office and when outside the office can act as usual to friends.

4. Do not Overly Consider Personal

As explained earlier, you should remain professional in the office even if your boss is your own co-worker. When your friend gives criticism and advice about the work you do, then do not immediately think of it as a personal thing. Instead make it an opportunity to improve yourself to be better at work.

If you do object, it would be better to discuss in a closed place. Do not discuss it in front of other colleagues. But still use professional reasons when discussing it, do not mix the mix of personal problems with the office that even make a less professional impression.

Keep Working Professionally and Give the Best
Any circumstances that you experience during the office, do not make it as an excuse not to work professionally. Although the conditions are not in accordance with what you want, but still give the best for the job and do not let the boss down.