7 Dangers of Scolding Son

7 Dangers of Scolding Son

The discussion this time on the subject of children’s education, the more precisely about the dangers of parents (or anyone else) in a snap of children, because it can be fatal.

Based on research that at every head of a child, there will be more than 10 trillion brain cells that are ready to grow (a lot).

But one shout, vulgarity, insults or the like to the children who are still growing will have fatal consequences, and it is not a matter of small or lightly.

Danger Kids Yelling

1. Danger snapped destroy the child because the child’s brain cells

Due to the rough growl or words could kill more than 1 billion brain cells at once.

And even a punch or pinch accompanied by screaming it will kill more than billions of brain cells at once.

But instead, the first praise, hugs warmth and affection will build with excellent seedling intelligence of a child … which makes children’s brain development is very fast.

The results of the study of a man named Lise Gliot, he concluded that, in children who are still in the growth, especially during the “golden age” that is at the age of 2-3 years.
Lise Gliot explained that the loud noises and screaming coming out of their parents or abort can damage brain cells growing child.

Meanwhile, when the mother was giving a gentle caress while nursing her child, then the brain circuits are formed beautifully.

Lise Gliotini research, doing research on the object that is his own son.

He took the initiative to install wiring the brain recorder connected to a computer monitor, so will see any changes that occur in the brain development of children.

And he said that the result is extraordinary, when the child breastfeed the child it will form a beautiful circuit in the brain cells of children.

But when he was surprised when no sound is a bit harsh, the beautiful circuit of brain cells that is inflated like a balloon that broke apart, and then also changes color.

From research conducted Gilot Lise explains that the effect of angry and yelling at the child will greatly affect the development of brain cells of children.

Danger, if it is done frequently even uncontrolled, it can be great potential to interfere with a child’s brain structure itself.

Be careful when you want to scold a child …

Shout to the child will result in a fatal case, long-term effects can be seen in people who often experience a shout in the past (childhood) ….
Then also usually be easy to vent anger, panic and sadness. They usually will often experience stress to depression in life.

This is due to the difficulty in understanding the patterns of problems they face. And it all is the result of at least the brain cells active than it should be.

2. Because shouted, child heart could fatigue

According to the explanation of Dr. Godeliva Maria Silvia Merry, M.Si, a doctor who also teaches at UKDW, Yogyakarta, he explained that a person’s pulse may vary depending on the sound that is heard.

So, if parents “hobby” snapped child with a high tone, then Dr. Silvia explained that the child if constantly exposed to a high-pitched sound rude and …

… Resulting in cardiac child will often beat very quickly (abnormal), which causes the heart to become easily exhausted.

The same danger can also occur in people who often listen to fast paced music.
3. Children will be personally emotional tumbul

As often shouted, children will imitate the “receipt” that in their daily lives.

Where the child will grow into a figure irritable, difficult to control, emotional, and like screaming.

Because violence is both verbal and non-verbal negative impact on the psychology of the child.

4. The level of trust children to parents declining

Where parents often used as a role model for the children in general, so that the habits of parents will be imitated very friendly, including the habit of talking in a rude tone and height.

Scold the child in front of his friends, it would be risking self-esteem of the child when in an environment of friendship or neighborhood playground.

So this may result in the level of trust children to parents in the fall. As a result all the advice / counsel from parents will only be considered one eye by a child.

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