5 Tips for Teaching Children to Read

5 Tips for Teaching Children to Read

Stages of development of the ability to read is not a skill that can be simply controlled by children. Therefore, the reading skills very closely with the child’s motor development. Therefore, the role of parents is indispensable. Parents must be patient and fun while teaching children to read. Well, consider these 5 tips to teach children to read the following.

1. Reading While Singing

Reading, singing is the easiest way to do. Therefore, every parents often use this method. Usually parents teach children to read the letters of the alphabet as she sung, starting from A to Z. In this way, the child will be easier to remember.

2. Reading While Storytelling

Read while storytelling can be done by reading picture books. The role of parents here needed to tell the story and introduces the characters who figure in the story books. It makes the child not only memorized the written story, but also know the code characters in a storybook.

3. Using Carpet Letter

Parents can use a rug with a picture of letters and numbers. Therefore, the color of the carpet and exciting pictures would make children interested in reading. How to teach children to read with this method is effective because children can learn while playing.

4. Reading the Electronic Media Help
Currently the video learning to read numbers and letters sold in the market. Video learning to read numbers and letters fairly assist parents in teaching children to read. In addition, games are about learning to read with pictures interesting gadget can also be downloaded through the parents. Through this medium, the child will be interested because learning is not monotonous.
5. Keep Kids Learn to Read Every Day

So that children can quickly read every day so parents should take the time to teach a child to read every day. Begin this activity by reading the reading is easy and fun, like a picture story, followed by reading more complex.


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