5 Tips for Choosing Saving For Children

5 Tips for Choosing Saving For Children

Saving it is a habit. To be diligent saving, you have to get used to do it first. So you could say that saving money was not an easy thing to do. Saving habits should already instilled since childhood, because at this time a person’s personality is still very easy to set up. If you already have a savings habits since childhood, then most likely you will be the people who are good save when fully grown.

As a good parent, you definitely want to be the future of your child better than you, and it can happen if they are good at saving. So from an early age, teach them about the importance of saving and familiarize them to do so. Starting from saving money in a piggy bank and then move on to the bank. Currently, there are many banks that offer savings of children. However you must be observant before choosing a savings for your child. By choosing a bank that is beneficial to your child’s savings, their passion for the greater diligent saving. Let’s take note of these tips before choosing your child’s savings.

Like the opening of savings in general, there is an initial deposit which must be done before opening the child’s savings. Initial deposit amount is definitely smaller than the initial deposit for normal savings, but even so you have to take this into account. Although the numbers are small and you can pay, but it would be better if the initial deposit is also derived from the money your child because then they can claim it clear that it was his own savings. This will add enthusiasm to be diligent saving. So choose a bank deposit initially in accordance with the amount of money your child has been owned previously.


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  1. Minimum Amount Amount More

Minimum Deposit Least For Children via wordpress.com

Minimum Deposit Least For Children via wordpress.com


Each bank has different rules about this. Better find a bank that requires a minimum deposit next smallest. It is intended that your child can deposit their money more easily. The amount of money owned subsidiary to deposit typically are small, so if the minimum deposit amount too small, they will be able at any time to deposit the money to the bank. They became more diligent saving.

  1. Lack of Administrative Fee Rebate


Pieces administrative costs can drain your child’s savings. Before choosing to open a savings account at a bank, you must be keen in seeing this. The smaller the pieces, or even if anyone does not have the pieces, the money your child will be more growth.

Fortunately, today some banks already menghabuskan administrative costs for child savings, but you still have to pay attention to the jelly yes before opening savings.

  1. Getting ATM Card


Look for a bank that provides ATM card if it has a child’s savings there. Generally, banks will include the name of the child on the ATM card. This will give rise to a sense of pride in himself for own savings and to encourage them to save even more.

But it is also dangerous when given to your child off. If this card is lost or they do not hide the pin number, so their money can be stolen. So it is better if you are in control of the ATM card.


  1. The amount of Interest


Such as savings in general, saving the child also has interest if the balance amount meets the minimum balance. Choose a bank that provides interest on the minimum balance amount is the smallest. It aims to teach your children that saving money was profitable and they become more diligent saving.

Suppose that banks in general will provide interest if a minimum balance in your child’s savings of 500 thousand, but if there is a bank that can provide interest even though the balance in your child’s savings new 300 thousand, then choose the smallest minimum balance.

Teach the Importance of Saving Early

The issue of saving this looks simple but it is not that easy. Saving habits should have been started since childhood so they had practiced in a long process. Introduce them about the importance of saving and other benefits that they can get through saving. By knowing why you should save, it happens conducted pleased. If it is used to save from a small amount, then the amount is not so big a problem.


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