5 Things to Consider When Preparing Children Education Quality

5 Things to Consider When Preparing Children Education Quality

Entering the world of marriage and married much concern. The decision to have children should be provided with the mental preparation and financial preparation was good. Needs of children certainly a concern that should be prioritized especially regarding education issues.

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According to the survey, the biggest concern of the parents is not having enough funds to send their children to good colleges. Possible for young parents have not yet become a problem of concentration, but it could not hurt to ask yourself. Is not early children had been trained by the primary school to high school to prepare children towards a good college?

You can not make a mistake when preparing funds for children’s education. If the dream of buying a car or house can still misses plans, children’s education is not so. Education is not something that can be postponed, because you have to be ready to continue the education of children to the next level every year. Do these 5 things to do prep school and college education of your child.

1. Prepare Education Fund

We recommend that children’s education fund preparations done early-when you decide to get married as a couple. Your newly married do not delay preparing these funds early let alone the cost of education continues to increase from year to year. Set aside always your income needs of the school children were separated from their household needs.

It is important for you to have savings for special education and school age children. Not only tuition, educational support, such as buying books, uniforms, stationery, and the cost of tutoring or courses should also be prepared. When they go to school, you can adjust the income and expenditure of these savings specifically for the sake of smoothness education.

2. Make Deposit Education

Perhaps you are among those quite costly and difficult to save money, the deposits can be a solution. Saving money through deposits will keep you safe from interference mere entertainment expenses. The funds deposited to your child’s education can be set to use the appropriate tempo agreed time, so no need to worry the funds will be used. Another advantage of the deposit is greater interest depends on the amount of money deposited.
3. Do Planning Time

Describe the estimated time between the age of a child with your own age. How much time do you have to make preparations for their education fund? Also specify where the funds originated. Such planning will allow you to specify the cost of education, how much money should be set aside each month, including measuring your revenue sources to ensure the family’s future.

4. Educational Cost Survey

Get to know your child’s talents and interests since childhood. Navigate education according talents and interests so that schools, courses, and colleges that have targeted. No harm from now define and conduct surveys elementary, junior high, high school, to university that appeal to them in the future to predict the funds must be prepared.

Including determining the types of schools-public or private, in the country or abroad. GLITZMEDIA.CO advise you to choose an appropriate education financial capacity without neglecting the quality of high school or college itself. If at the time you have more funds, has put children’s education at a higher standard.

5. The Importance of Insurance Education

Insurance only for health or accident? You are wrong! Many people think that insurance is not too important, but education is compulsory insurance that the parents should have. Insurance education is quality assurance to make sure children get a good education and quality according to your wishes in the future.

One of the best solution is to follow the education insurance JIWASRAYA named JS ACHIEVEMENT. The first life insurance in Indonesia who were born since 1859 this is the right choice for parents. JS ACHIEVEMENT focused on supporting children’s education since entering the age of 0-15 years. The owners insurance will get the funds when the child enters a new education in elementary, junior high schools, and universities.

JS ACHIEVEMENT only imposes a value addition of 5% compounded over the period of premium payment each year. Tuition fees will be paid child every month for 60 months with a coverage period of 9 years.