5 Steps to Make Savings Easier

5 Steps to Make Savings Easier

Everyone must wait upon a time payday at the end or beginning of the month. Shopping, trying new restaurants, buy the latest gadgets, or an excursion outside the city may already remember vividly when salaries were poised to enter our account. However, how to save? We’ve all imagined the joy has a lot of savings and investment. Unfortunately, started saving money is not as easy as turning the palms for saving money means we must delay other activities which may seem much more enjoyable.

Five steps below can help us to start setting aside salary and make saving easier.

Write down your dreams and long-term plans


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Get a piece of paper and write down dreams and long-term plans we want to achieve. Maybe we want to buy their own homes, send their children to a top university or a jaunt around Europe. Knowing what we want the long-term could be a powerful motivation that drives us to save. By writing on a piece of paper, we can read it back when we are tempted to stop saving.

Set the percentage of savings

Many people think that the amount of money we tubes is the amount of money left over after we pay all the bills and the cost of our lives. What if we look from another point of view? We need to pay ourselves before we pay the bills.

Pay ourselves that we do by setting aside a certain percentage of salary for savings before we pay other bills. This will improve the discipline to save because we put saving as a priority and we can tailor a lifestyle in accordance with the income remaining after saving. This step is obviously not easy, but it will be useful long term. We could start with 10% and increased that number from year to year.

Open a separate savings account

The next step that can help us improve the discipline of saving is to open a savings account separate from the account that we use to pay for everyday needs. Separate accounts may prevent us from using the savings for other purposes. In addition, separate accounts can also make us more eager to save money after we see our savings grow.

For this savings account, look for the account with the lowest administrative costs and interest best we can temukan.Salah an attractive option is a Savings Account (link:http://www.bi.go.id/NR/rdonlyres/C323CBF3-4828-4E2C-8C48-9E0921057CBB/19395/TabunganKUBankUmum.pdf) Bank Indonesia launched and can be opened in various leading banks throughout Indonesia. This product is intended to create a culture of saving society. These accounts do not charge a monthly administrative and other expenses were relatively mild.

Arrange automatic transfers

After opening a separate account, the next step is that we can set up an automatic transfer of money allocated to savings from the salary account to a savings account. Automatic transfer can be done as soon as we receive a salary. By applying this method, we do not need to see the money in our account so that the temptation to use the money will be reduced.

Leave your ATM card at home

ATM card may be one of the facilities of our separate savings account. Do not take the ATM card in his wallet. Leave the card at home or other safe place. This does not mean we should not use the money at all. However, difficult access prevents us from using it to pay for daily expenses or other impulse purchases.

The steps above can help us to start building the habit of saving. As the proverb “bit by bit long into the hills”, by saving a portion of our salaries every month, we will be able to achieve our goals and big dreams. So, let’s start saving today!