Income alone or not, the amount of money you receive each month must be managed wisely. Wisdom like what exactly? The following five tips to help you manage your family finances more carefully.

Active in every family financial decisions.
Most women are responsible for household finances. Unfortunately, most of them it is not the decision maker in choosing the type of investment, retirement, and select insurance. The real mother can play an active role in any decisions relating to family finances. Even if the mother still is not the decision maker, they can communicate the way out for any financial problems with the couple. Mother may submit suggestions or ideas about the future financial plans related to children’s education, insurance, retirement, or saving for a new policy on vacation. Importantly, the mother is not passive.

Find out about the investment. Fear of women making investments, two times more than men. Similarly, the survey results Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation in San Francisco, United States. Women are generally less confident choosing how profitable investment. Learn different ways to invest easier than imagined. Right now there are a variety of workshops, seminars and literature on how to invest that is easy and profitable. There is also a question and answer section on investing in the media that the mother can take advantage of. Studying ways of investment is not time consuming. Provided you are seriously listening, knowledge about the investment you will get.

Save for save. To start saving, do an inventory of goods needs to facilitate the work. For example, a washing machine and a car you already have, then start to pay attention to other needs smaller. For example, tape recorder, television or microwave. When all the essential equipment needs are met, you can start saving. Saving can be started by making savings in several expense items. Redecorate the house, for example, do not need to be done every year. With a budget so could you tube. Conserve electricity, water, telephone and internet can do. If you could save Rp. 50.000, – per month and saved, in one year you earn Rp. 600.000, – Twenty years later, the number is not small. Try to start saving now!

Think about the cost of living the old days. Now the high life expectancy of human life possible until old age. If you are currently 25 years old, you have a productive age income for 25 years. After retirement, where the cost of living you get? Of course you do not want to run into financial difficulties in the elderly. It is not recommended to use education funds you allocate for the child to be the cost of your life in the old days. If you have a steady job that gave pension funds, pension funds begin to calculate the amount you will earn in the future. When you earn is not sufficient for you, begin setting aside funds for the old days.

Avoid debt. Not a few families pay for expenses that is large enough to use a credit card. Unfortunately, most people are happy to rely on credit cards to buy anything, including small things you never want to. For example, buying a friend a birthday present. As a result, the desire to buy something with a credit card is often out of control. & Lsquo; surprise & rsquo; you encounter ominous pay bills, could have been, the amount exceeded your account balance. Avoid debt. Ensure use credit cards only for things that are already there money you allocate. For example, to pay hospital care or pay the cost of staying at the hotel while on vacation. Plan carefully any decision to buy something, and control the use of your credit card. Controlling the use of credit cards can be done by not changing desires into needs. That way you do not need to suddenly feel the need shopping.
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