5 Cara Menyiapkan Dana Pendidikan Anak

5 Cara Menyiapkan Dana Pendidikan Anak

Education is something that must be obtained by all mankind. Especially education for your baby. For those of you who have recently had a child, you should see the following article for preparing funds for the small undergo education levels.

To be able to go to school in the country of Indonesia is not cheap and can not be denied that the funding of education in Indonesia still be a heavy burden for parents.

Not to mention being able to get the education from elementary to graduate lived for many years will be affected by inflation from year to year. Highly recommended should you as parents to set up a fund for the education of your child from pregnancy.

How to get your child’s education fund there are several options. The most sensible choice is to have an investment because the investment that you have will be worth more by inflation.

Any investment is suitable as preparation for children’s education fund? Check out his review below.

1. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are an investment in the form of money management by an investment management company. Reports from the development of investment you are going to get in a certain time interval. Mutual funds are available in several types according to each child’s education. Mutual funds rated effectively overcome the impact of inflation affecting your child’s education fund. You can buy mutual fund investments and also to cash in a short time in accordance with applicable regulations

2. Property

Investment by buying a house or land will yield sizable. Indeed, this type of investment is a long term investment. You can only enjoy the results after about seven to ten years when the price has gone up very high. With such understanding, then you’re doing is buying the investment as early as possible or when your children are young. You can also use the property that you have to rent as additional inputs.

3. Savings

Make investment by saving are looking for the most widely used. Besides being an easy process, and you can access your savings at any time. You also get a rate of about 1% to 2% with tax cuts between 15% to 20% depending on the amount of your savings balance. Investments of this type are used to meet the needs of the child’s routine as pocket money, spp, tutoring, and more.

4. deposits

Its deposits almost equal to the savings. Only this type of investment is done in a way to save some money in the bank and get a relationship that is more than a regular savings with the interest range of approximately 6% per year. Generally banks offering deposit services provide requisite specific amount of money that will be saved. In addition, you also can not access the money at any time the withdrawal of savings. The money you’ve deposited can not you take after a certain period, namely one month to one year old.

5. Insurance Education

Insurance as a basic function is to protect. Thus, the owner of the insurance, in this case are the parents of the child, which became the backbone of the family is required to pay a sum of money for premiums in the time also been determined in accordance with the agreement at the beginning of the insurance registration. The function of education is to have insurance you will get money every time your child enters a new education. Another advantage is that the insurance fund will still be obtained if the insurance owner dies without having to pay a premium again.

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