The kind of Zakat that you should Take Out and the Formulas Count

The kind of Zakat that you should Take Out and the Formulas Count

An economically capable Muslim is obligated to set aside part of the possessions to be given to those who are entitled to receive it, either through the committee of zakat as well as distributed on its own. Zakat law is mandatory if able to financially and has reached the minimum pay zakat or nisab. If a person meets the following requirements then it is obligatory to issue zakat:

1. Islam

2. Free

3. Rule and baligh

4. The sale meets Nisab

Nisab is the lowest limit that has been set syar’i which became the guide to determine the obligation to issue zakat for those who have property and have reached that size. The requirements of Nisab are:

1. Treasures to be zoned out of necessity to be fulfilled by a person, such as food, clothing, shelter, vehicles, and tools used for livelihood.

2. The property to be zakah has been running for 1 year (haul), calculated from the day of ownership of Nisab. Except the zakat agriculture and fruits taken at harvest, as well as the treasure charity that is taken when it finds it. Thus, if the nisab is reduced at one point from the haul, then the haul count is lost. And if the nisab is perfect again, then the calculation begins again. asuransi pendidikan anak

For example: nisab reached in the month of Muharram, then Rajab month in that year was his wealth was reduced from nisabnya, then erased calculations nisabnya. Then in the month of Ramadan that year, his property increased to reach nisab, then started again the first calculation of the month of Ramadan. And so on until reaching 1 year perfect, then issuing zakat.

Zakat Calculation Formulas
Noted, there are several types of zakat that you must spend. What are the zakat? Then how the calculation? Consider the following discussion.

1. Calculation formula of Zakat Fitrah

Zakat Fitrah per person = 3.5 liters x the price of rice on the market per liter. Example: The price of rice on the market is an average of Rp 10,000 per liter, so the zakat fitrah to be paid per person is Rp35.000, -. If calculated in terms of weight, then Zakat Fitrah per person = 2.5 kg x the price of rice on the market per kilogram.

2. Calculation formula of Zakah on Profession / Job

There are 3 ways to calculate zakat profession / job:

Diqiaskan with zakat money completely,
Diqiaskan with zakat of farm produce completely,
Using qias similarities with zakat money and farm produce.

Zakat Calculation Example Using the 3rd Qias:

Pak Ahmad is an employee of a private company, each month gets a salary of Rp6.000.000, -. From the salary, Pak Ahmad issued household basic needs Rp3.000.000, -, paid the school 2 children Rp1.000.000, -, paying the mortgage Rp750.000, – and pay phone and electricity Rp500.000, -.

nisab: equivalent to 653 kg of rice. If the price of rice is Rp. 5,000, – perkg, then nisab in rupiah is Rp3.265.000, -. Zakah: 2.5%. Haul: Each receives a salary.

Total basic needs and debt repayment: Rp3,000,000, – + Rp1,000,000, – + Rp750.000, – + Rp500.000, – = Rp5.250.000, –

So net income: Rp6.000.000, – – Rp5.250.000, – = Rp750.000, –

Rp. 750.000, – did not reach nisab Rp3.265.000. So Pak Ahmad does not have to pay zakat income.

If Mr. Ahmad’s income is Rp9.000.000, – per month. Then the net income after deducting basic and matured needs: Rp9.000.000, – – Rp5.250.000, – = Rp3.750.000, -. This already exceeds the Nisab amounting to R3.265.000. So Pak Ahmad must issue zakat profession of: 2.5% x Rp3.750.000, – = Rp93.750, –

Basic necessities are expenditures for oneself, wife and child. Such as: food, clothing, health, education, mortgage, and pay off debt.

Examples of non-essential expenses: additional courses or lessons, buying a new TV while the old TV is still good, out-of-town streets and eating out with family, buying gifts for weddings and other unimportant purposes.

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3. Calculation formula of Zakat Maal / Wealth
Gold jewelry
Set aside Owned Wealth

Zakat maal applies to property owned by a Muslim with the following formula:

Zakat Maal = 2.5% X Total property held for 1 year. Calculating Nisab Zalt Maal = 85 x gold price of the market per gram. Example: Umi have savings Rp100 million rupiah, deposits Rp200 million rupiah, second house contracted worth Rp500 million rupiah and silver gold worth Rp200 million rupiah. Total assets owned Rp1 billion rupiah. All the possessions have been owned since 1 year ago.

For example, the price of 1 gram of gold amounting to Rp250.000, – then the limit of nisab zakat maal is Rp21.250.000, – Because Umi treasures more than limit nisab, then he must pay zakat maal Rp1 billion X 2.5% = Rp25 million rupiah year.

Treasures obliged to be paid zakat maal: gold, silver, savings, agricultural products, livestock, business objects and treasures findings. Each has a nisab and the formula of issuing a different zakat, as follows:

Nisab Gold

Nisab gold as much as 20 dinars. 1 dinar = 4.25 grams of gold. So 20 dinars = 85 grams of pure gold. Of the Nisab, 2.5% was taken. If more than nisab and not until the size of multiples, then taken and included with the initial nisab. Example: Rani has 87 grams of gold stored. If it has to haulnya, obliged to issued zakatnya, that is 2.5% x 87 grams = 2.175 grams or money for the gold. asuransi pendidikan anak

Nisab Perak

Nisab silver is 200 dirhams. 1 dirham = 595 gram, from the nisab is taken 2.5% with the same calculation with gold.

Purify Your Treasure with Zakah

Every possessed possesses not merely a whole person, because there is a right of others in it to be expelled. So, start conscious yourself to zakat so that the property owned to be clean and full of life with blessing.