4 Tips to Successful Investing in Mutual Funds Sharia

4 Tips to Successful Investing in Mutual Funds Sharia

Here are 10 tips to invest Islamic mutual fund, which could be a guide to success for those who are interested to invest in this one.

1.Interest Investment
Before making an investment decision Islamic mutual fund, investors should know their investment objectives. What is the motivation of investors to invest in this Islamic mutual fund? With know the real purpose to invest, the investor will be able to select the products Islamic mutual funds are most appropriate for him.
Example: For investors who want to just get a quick liquidity, then he can choose mutual funds that placement of participants to deposit funds sharia. However, if investors want an aggressive investment, which may be in one year, could benefit up to 30%, then the investor can choose mutual funds that will be a lot of sharia into the stock market.

2. Jelly Choosing Investment Manager
After knowing the types of mutual funds, the next step should be run by the investor is selecting investment managers. To be able to select appropriate investment managers, investors should conduct an analysis of the investment manager enthuses.
It is very important to recognize the track record of the manager invetasinya. Investors should be looking for an investment manager performance is bangus. Because a good investment manager will be able to help investors choose the product of Islamic mutual fund accordingly.

3. Choose the Right Syariah Mutual Fund
If you invest in Islamic mutual funds, then you should choose the best Islamic mutual funds. Therefore, investors should also be able to assess the performance of mutual funds-Islamic mutual funds are there. Investors should compare between Islamic mutual funds with each other Islamic mutual funds, but instead with a conventional mutual funds. Well, from the many existing Islamic mutual funds, investors can choose three Islamic mutual funds are the best. Of the three options, investors can observe the development of Islamic mutual funds value respectively, for at least the last 3 years. From there, investors can choose the most prospective Islamic mutual funds.

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