Tips menggunakan THR

Tips menggunakan THR

Toward the end of Lebaran day, everyone including you must have started thinking about the various fun that will be done with relatives later in the hometown, and not only that, there is one more thing that certainly adds to the fun multiply, (THR). Of course you like dong if given extra money from the company. Therefore, THR is one of the things that many people have been waiting for.

After getting THR, you start thinking about the dream stuff you’ve dreamed of, new clothes, new pants, just everything new. But with that mindset, then your THR money will be sold out in a short time and its use is not useful. So when receiving THR, you must know these 5 ways to use THR money.


1. Prioritize For the Feast


As the name implies, Hari Raya allowance, then this money is intended for use on Hari Raya Lebaran. So prioritize its use for the purposes of Lebaran, such as buying tickets to mudik, new clothes, and prepare THR for the brothers in the village later. Although prioritized for Hari Raya, does not mean you spend all THR money for this yes. You still can not be wasteful, control your spending wisely. Do not overdo it, but do not let you be stingy.


2. Separate Money For Saving


Often the main problem that prevents you from saving is because you have no money to save. Well, this THR Money could be an additional source of income that can help you boost the amount of your savings that was just so much. Separate the amount of THR money you get into your savings account. Do not just be used for pleasure and one-time purposes only, think about your future. THR money is very useful loh for your savings if you are good at managing it. Roughly set aside 10 percent of the total THR money for you tube.


3. Wear To Pay Debt Or Emergency Fund


Do you have any outstanding debt yet? You should use some THR money to help you pay off your debt. Having a protracted debt will only burden you financially loh. You will be harder to save because your income is always used to pay the debt. So while having extra money, immediately allocate to pay the debt. The sooner it paid off, the better.

For those of you who have no debt, you can set aside THR money as you add deposits for emergency funds. Sudden needs can happen anytime, and the cost is also unpredictable, so you should prepare funds for this matter well. For the purpose of paying the debts or deposits of this emergency fund, you should set aside 15 percent of your THR.


4. Set aside for Investment


Better THR money you do not use to meet the daily expenses, but for long-term use. Because if you use for everyday purposes, most likely you even become wasteful. So it’s better to set aside your THR money for investment capital. That way, THR money becomes more useful in your financial life. Plus, this capital you get for free, then your profits so doubled. Use about 10 percent of THR for investment.


5. Share With What It Takes


Once you get the blessing of this THR money, now is the time for you to channel that blessing to others who need it more. Open your eyes and see the people around you. There are so many people who need money. By sharing, you will feel how happy life is and your THR money is being used for something meaningful to others. So, do not keep this blessing yourself yes. Share it.

So Wise Let Not Boros

Setting up the use of THR money is very important so you will not be a wasteful person. You must be wise in determining which one you should make the biggest source of expenditure and the sharing of other expenses. By acting and acting wisely, you can keep yourself from being wasteful. Wear THR money for useful things, do not let this blessing money pass away in vain without any meaning to you and others. Always remember that aga

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