3 Types of Traditional Life Insurance, Understanding, Advantage and Difference

3 Types of Traditional Life Insurance, Understanding, Advantage and Difference

There are 3 types of life insurance are included in the traditional life insurance, they are term insurance, whole life insurance and endowment insurance. What are the differences? let’s discuss one by one
term insurance asuransi pendidikan

Term insurance or insurance Termlife provides life insurance for a limited time, has a value of premiums or a payment per month that low a sum that large could even reach billions of rupiah, but if until the end of the insurance contract you are still in good health, then the automatic contract expires and no money will be refunded or receive.

Although many have complained about the risk of the money is not returned, but this type of insurance you can consider for its premium value is the lowest compared to other insurance options.
Whole life insurance

This insurance is the opposite of term insurance, where you can get protection in the longer term, and money back guarantee if at the end of the contract period you are still in good health, but it has a value higher premiums
endowment insurance

Endowment insurance or endowment is a type of insurance that is more popular than the previous two types of traditional insurance, in addition to the refund of premium, you can also get the cash value periodically before the contract expires, for example in insurance education can spend money when your children go to school.

The many benefits and bonuses as you can from this type of insurance as a result the premium is much higher than Termlife insurance or Wholelife or a lifetime.
Carefully select the type of insurance

Do not just be tempted by the promise of the amount of dependents that you will be able to, but cermatlah determine the kind of insurance that suits your needs and your ability to not just weigh your expenses will be.