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How to Handle a Child that is often a Victim of Bullying

How to deal with child victims of bullying is to do an integration that involves all components of interested parties. Whether it’s from parents, teachers, students, principals who have a goal to stop bullying.

The presence of anti-bullying programs in schools can be beneficial for the deterrent effect for the offender. Can use the campaign by incorporating bullying material into learning materials for the development of personal or personal behavior of students. There are many ways to deal with a child as a victim of bullying is as follows:

Grow Back Confidence in Children
As parents, early childhood teachers, kindergarten teachers, and elementary teachers play an active role in recognizing the nature of the child from an early age. If bullying occurs after elementary, junior high and high school students, before the child has formed a good sense of confidence. If it is too late, then how to deal with child victims of bullying is to provide positive activities for children who love and discover the talent of children so that children feel that they are valuable.

Give Social Ability Training to Children
Children who are shy because they are often encouraged also need to be trained in dealing with social issues by involving children in social activities such as visiting siblings who also have children of the same age or age. Invited to play date with friends so that children are not lonely.

Train the Child to Say “No”
It is better that a child who becomes bully victims are invited to speak and formed to dare to resist violence so that the perpetrator does not get worse.

Supported and Loved
A child as a victim of bully should have the support and love of the full family so that children feel there is attention and not turn into a child minder. Occasionally give praise to children who have achievement or are willing to help the work of parents. Grow a sense of pride in the child why he was born.

Do a Healthy Competition and Do not Compare Children
Better as parents and teachers create a healthy atmosphere of competition so that children are accustomed to accept victory and defeat. Avoid to compare one child with another child so that no long-term pain that grows the jealous nature of the other child.

Teach Open
Since childhood, make a child tell about his life in school so that when the bad actions of his friends, the child does not experience stress because it feels hard to face the problem alone.

Thus information on how to handle children from victims of bully, may be useful for readers in educating their children.


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