Archive Januari 2016

Invest into strategic alliances before the depression


Use your money and skills to bulid strategic relationship that can be of mutual help you both during the depression. Sowing your skill, time, and resources accurately during good times will build strategic relationship that you can connect with and make use of during any economic climate.

Some business and government bodies still need to spend to empower communities and on education and other product and services even during the worst times. While these spending, even those relevant to your business may be cut down, there will need to be come spending and these will go to people who are trusted and known.

If you make strategi connection during the worst of times you will be able to network with these connection, so build trust that can become valueable to you even during a depression period. You will have customers who will lead you to oppurtunities and get you conneted to business and jobs during the worst of times as well. Choose your strategic contact wisely, they must have permanence and a great reputation that has been maintained over years.


Be ap part of a community of like minded individuals

Get involved in organizations with similar and accurate mindests so you have a community to rely on during a depression. Being a loner with individual strength during a depression in one of the worst things you can do. People are social beings so you must have organizations and relationships that you can count on. Church groups, association, religious organizations woth accurate mindsets are comunnities that you can count on during the worst times.

Vilages in the old days used to rely on each other as a community to survive bad periods. We need to go back to this way of living and to get our neighborhoods to be a more procative at the very least. If you are unable to connect with the neightborhood where you live, find one that you can connect with outside. Chooce wisely, what you are looking for is an organization or an association with strong communities and accurate leadership to get the the whole body of people through the difficult period.