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20 Percent Society Medium-Upper Fall Due to Poor Critical Illness

Indonesia prone critical illness compared to developed countries. Unlike the situation in developed countries, in Indonesia, 80 percent of the population away from the healthy life expectancy. Many people we end up suffering from a critical illness never seek treatment because, due to lack of money. Meanwhile, 20 percent of upper-income money runs out to treat serious diseases. This happens because they are less concerned to carry out an early inspection.
“The majority of Indonesia’s population tends to not alert and delay treatment, so that the disease was detected too late or had already advanced. People often ignore the check-up or early detection,” said Dr. Handrawan Nadesul health observer in Jakarta, yesterday.
World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank estimates, 12 million people in Indonesia are diagnosed with a critical illness last year. Meanwhile, in 2008, there are 36.1 million people died from critical illness.

Asuransi pendidikan
Based on the number of patients with critical illness in the first place in Indonesia are heart disease, cancer and tumors, as well as hypertension. Based on the predictions of the Ministry of Health in 2011, the number of cancer patients will be close to heart disease and stroke, which is about 230 thousand. Meanwhile, the number of patients with cancer, heart disease, and stroke is projected to reach 750 thousand.
According to Dr. Lawrence, the handling of critical illness since the beginning is very important. Because, if it’s too late, the costs will be higher. Check-ups can reduce health care costs. The reason is, the earlier the disease is known, treatment will be easier and cheaper.
If you have an advanced stage, the treatment will be more difficult and the cost is too expensive. “Although eventually successfully treated, the disease had already spread. Patients who recover will also be disabled, because one of her organs had been damaged. For example stroke, despite being treated and cured, the patient remains disabled. People can not be healthy as before, so the quality his life would be bad, “he explained.
That is why, further Handrawan, check-up needs to be done. In addition to minimizing costs, early detection is beneficial to maintain the quality of our lives.
“One of the mistakes people of Indonesia are still believed in alternative medicine. When we feel pain instead of direct treatment, even stopped by smart people first. As a result, when examined by a doctor, his condition was ‘too late’,” he added.
Handrawan explained that Indonesia’s population is more at risk of developing critical illness mainly due to six factors. The first factor is the insight that his health remains low. Second, the family doctor system has not become a tradition. Third, check up has not become routine. Fourth, not all afford to go every sick society. Fifth, rising incomes rise less rapidly with the acceleration of medicine expenses. Sixth, the impact of globalization acculturated, like a Westernized lifestyle, especially eating fast food containing high calories and fat.
“The daily menus were not healthy to be the main cause of cancer. Not only the portions that must be considered, but also the quality of food consumed,” he said.
He said the hawker many who use chemicals containing addictive substances. For example, in crackers and chips are penggaring drug. Similarly, in the mi no cure nonstick.
“Sugar and flavoring foods also contain chemicals. People who consume these foods in the daily diet, for decades, certainly at risk for cancer, “he said.
To avoid cancer, Dr. Handrawan recommends eating healthy foods, such as sweet potatoes, cassava and leaves, spinach, kale, and fruits. In addition, people also need plenty of exercise, such as walking for 45-50 minutes.
“Currently, the healthiest people in the world from Okinawa, Japan. The age they can reach the maximum number of human life, which is 120 years old. This is because they still consume traditional foods are healthy,” he said.
Dr Handrawan explained, critical illness who are at risk of death is high costly, because it requires costly treatments. Treatment requires advanced medical equipment.
The costs will weigh heavily on the family finances. “Therefore, a check-up examination must be done. For those potentially affected by cancer or his parents and family ever had cancer, you should check up every six months. Meanwhile, people are not potentially cancerous can check up once a year,” he added.

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